Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Blues

Well let's see.....where do I start. Last Saturday we traveled to Springfield,MO to spend time with Erick's family for Christmas. We were all having a great time when on Monday morning Erick got up sick. If it would have been anyone else I would not have even thought twice about it but seeing as how it was Erick and knowing he doesn't get sick very easily I knew we were in for a ride. He continued to be sick through Wed. We started traveling back on Wed and even though he was still sick he wanted to get home. By this time he has lost weight and is having trouble keeping anything in his system. Well Thursday he got up very weak but had to go to work. He started feeling a little bit better and since then has started keeping food down. On Friday, we were supposed to leave for my parents in IN but Nathan got up with a bad sore throat and having to run to the restroom. So after quite a few phone calls we have postponed our Christmas with my family till next weekend. The main reason was so that my mother would not be exposed to anyone sick because of her blood disorder. Now today is Saturday and Jericka woke up running to the bathroom also and I have gotten a touch of a sore throat. So I sit here today just totally bummed out wondering why things go the way they do? I guess God knew all along but it still leaves you wishing you could have just enjoyed the holiday's the way you were wanting to. So I guess I will sing the Christmas Blues and try to make the best of it till the next time. I trust everyone has a very Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I know you are all probably wondering if I still am even out there. I started writing a post last week and then lost it and then found it later....Thanks Amy, but I decided that I would share a picture of the kids with my parents. They were able to come down to see us and be there for the kids Christmas program at church. Nathan and Jericka both had speaking parts and Nathan also had a singing solo. Needless to say he was thrilled that his grandparents were there. I will try to post more later.