Saturday, November 15, 2008

Don't Eat "Sleepy the Turkey"

Well the last few weeks have been very busy for us with projects coming due for all three of the kids. Nathan had a ABC Colonial Book that he had to do and have information on all letters of the alphabet related to colonial times with pictures to go with it. He then was also graded on his creativity and his presentation on his book. After a lot of stress trying to get it done he came home with the wonderful grade of a 100. (WOW we pulled it off).
Kyle then had a science project due the next week of a desert and had to have animals and plants that are in the desert. Then also had to do another project this week of a poison arrow frog.(YUCK!)
Jericka came home and had to dress a turkey. Now that means not to eat but to dress it in clothing so that it won't be eaten for Thanksgiving. It turned into being a fun and challenging project. They could do anything they wanted from coloring to making an outfit. Of course she had to cloth it, so we spent an evening making this turkey look not like a turkey. She also had to write a short story about why you wouldn't know it was a turkey. She named her turkey Sleepy and said that it was a slumber party animal. (The imagination of a 7 year old) When she took it to school she was the only one that had actually clothed her turkey and received rave reviews. All I can say is that I hope with all of the work we put into it I trust she gets a great grade. So when it comes time for Thanksgiving I hope that she doesn't have a problem eating turkey.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Amazing Husband

I am writing this blog as a small thank you to my wonderful husband for all he has done over the past three weeks. Although, I am sure to him it feels like a lifetime and the next three will take forever. He has had to pick up where I can't and do the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. And make sure that the kids don't need anything that requires any type of physical labor. The other night he was doing laundry and I had sorted the clothes for him and noticed a grass stain on Nathan's school pants so I told Erick to spray some shout on it and scrub it before putting it in the washer. Later when I asked if the spot came out he said I guess I sprayed the whole pair of pants with if you aren't for sure about it just shout everything!!!! Needless to say we had a good laugh over it. But most of all Erick has not once complained or said that he was tired of doing all of the extra work while I am down. I really appreciate everything he has done for me and the kids even though I know that he is exhausted when he gets home from work. Sat. night as he was climbing into bed he made the comment that he now realizes that a moms job is never done. Thanks Erick for all you have done and are doing to make me comfortable and lighten the load. You are an absolutely Amazing Husband and I truly love you beyond words.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Taking a Back Seat

Isn't is interesting how you never realize how much you take every day chores and pleasures and just part of life until you can't get up and do them. On October 1st. I went in for a simple knee surgery for them to repair a torn meniscus and upon arrival thought that I would be down for a week and then able to build up from there. Going into surgery I was oblivious to anything going on around me, when I came out Erick told me that I was down for SIX WEEKS!!!! Needless to say I thought he was joking and just laughed and said OK. One big problem it was really true. When the Dr. went to repair my knee he discovered that I had pot holes with arthritis because of the damage done from my accidents. So he scraped around and made it bleed to form scabs and then scar tissue will form to try and get me five more years on this knee. I was then informed that it was bone against bone and I would not be allowed to put any weight on my leg for the next six weeks or it would undo what the Dr. had done. So I am now learning to take a back seat and allow my wonderful husband to do the things that I normally do without thinking anything about it. As a mother it is very hard for me not to be able and tuck my children in bed and jump and run when they need me. I am trying to remain positive but I am not one that likes to just lay here and let everyone cater to me. I guess God is allowing me to learn a valuable lesson for me not to be so self sufficient and learn to know that it is OK to ask for help. Thank you Erick for being such a great husband and wonderful father to the kids. I couldn't get through this without you. You are awesome!!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Back to Normal

Well a week ago on Sunday as we were walking out of church the wind was blowing strongly and we really didn't think to much about it but the weather had said that we were under a high wind advisory and really how bad could that be......WELL, it ended up that majority of the area lost power, luckily we only lost power for about five minutes and the kids ended up not having school all week.Talk about interesting trying to find groceries! During the week Nathan had a history project due for when he went back to school. And as it goes we had the material and just kept putting it off but we were finally able to help him get it done. He had to have a project of something from the region that he was given and so he decided to build a Hogan. Talk about interesting on how to build one and keep the mud from falling off of the wood. After much work we were able to get it completed. It was very interesting to learn how others used to live. So I was thrilled with the project and that they were finally able to go back to school and life could get back to hopefully a normal routine.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fast Lane

Well this is for all of you that think I have forgotten all about blogging. I really haven't but there has been a lot happening here in our neck of the woods. First of all, Jericka is now a big 7 year old and thinks she is going on 17. Nathan has been selected for Safety Patrol. Talk about sweet talking the person in charge. He had to write a letter stating why he should be chosen. I guess it worked because the very next day he was accepted and started working and helping with the car pool line. Kyle on the other hand is starting to enjoy school this year. He is always amazing me on the things that he likes to do. His love for science is paying off because this year he has been added project manager for the science projects at school for his class.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

And They 're OFF!!!

Well it is finally here....the kids have started back to school this week. I can't believe that Nathan is in the fifth grade, Kyle is in fourth and Jericka is now a second grader. I trust that we will have a great year and make a lot of memories. They have all enjoyed getting to know their teachers. I am absolutely loving having a routine again and I am truly enjoying the peace and quiet!!!! (LOL) I know that we will start making up for all of this when the homework starts pouring in.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Camping Trip

This summer we had wanted to do something fun and memorable with the kids and we had planned on taking them to Michigan and going camping and seeing the lake. Do to difficult circumstances that didn't work out. So we were able to go to our friends house and camp out in their beautiful yard out close to the pond. The kids had an absolute blast and loved getting to go fishing. Nathan has turned into quite the little fisherman. Erick took him out in a boat and as soon as Nathan would bring on in Erick would have another pole ready and he would throw right back out. Then the kids were able to go spend some time with Mamaw and Papaw Gray. This is the last week of the kids summer vacation and then it is back to school they go (Thank Goodness)LOL! I am sure they will have plenty of stories to tell us by the time they come home because they will also get to see their cousins while they are there. So thanks John and Shelley for a the best family vacation ever....(Nathan's quote of the weekend) We all loved it!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Crazy and Busy

Well I am finally getting around to getting a short post. This summer has been one of the craziest and busiest summers I remember in a long time. We have finished baseball, Thank the Lord, have gone to see my parents and Erick has been working a lot of hours trying to get a job done. Another reason that this summer has been crazy is that Nathan started getting migraines towards the end of the school year and after many trips to the Dr. and then on to the Neurologist and a series of test that have determined that as of right now he is experiencing Migraines and they have him on meds but so far we haven't really found out what might be triggering them. It makes you feel so helpless to see your child lay around and not be able to take the pain for them. I trust that he will be able to function when school starts back up. On the bright side Erick's parents are coming in today for a couple of days. The kids can't wait to see them. I will try to post some pictures of them with the kids later this week. Trust everyone out there has a great week. Oh by the way the picture is of Nathan one night going to sleep with a headache and when I went to check on him he was still holding his head.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well the time has come that the kids are out of school for the summer. It has been a whirl wind of activity for the last few weeks. Last week was there last few days of school. They had raised money throughout the school year and were able to take a school wide field trip this year and go to Bernheim Forest. I was honored(HA) to go and be on the the helpers for Nathan's class. The rest of the week consisted of them having Tuesday off for election day in KY and then Wed-Fri were award ceremonies for the kids. On Friday last week I ended up coming down with a terrible sinus infection and spent all weekend in bed. So talk about starting the summer off right! The kids did great and I was very pleased with the awards that they received. Jericka shocked us and pulled off an Awesome Author Award. Nathan was able to make Honor Roll again for the whole year and Kyle was given Best Attitude award. Not to mention all of the other ones for their improvement in the other subjects. We are pleased with the way all three kids are doing. It makes a mom proud to see that her children enjoy going to school and striving to do their best. The pictures were taken after each one of them got their awards and Nathan started to cry because he became very close to his teacher. I am so thankful that we have not had any teacher so far that the kids or us do not like. So thanks to all the great teachers out there that pour their heart out to teach our children.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is....

Well it finally happened. Jericka's top two teeth had been loose for quite a while and then a couple of weeks ago she and Kyle collided and bumped her mouth on his head. We thought that she would surely loose the teeth then but to no avail. Last night when she came home from school the one was barely hanging on. She didn't want me to touch it but then when Daddy couldn't get it out she came begging me to help her. It came out pretty easily but there was no way that she was going to let me get the other tooth. So she was excited to get to put the tooth and wait for the Tooth Fairy. At 3:00 this morning she got up and came and woke me up and said that the Tooth Fairy had already come and she wanted the other tooth to come out. So finally she went back to sleep only to get up again in about four hours. As she was eating breakfast she decided to start working on the other tooth and wouldn't you know that she got it out before school. She even wanted to take it and show the teacher but I was able to convince her that the teacher could see because all she had to do was smile. I am afraid that she may try to loose a lot more so that the Tooth Fairy will keep coming. When Nathan saw that she had lost both teeth he started singing the song "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth"

Friday, May 2, 2008


I thought I would let you all know that we are still here and keeping very busy with this spring season. Baseball is in full swing and school is coming down to the end. It seems as if there is never enough time to get everything accomplished in one day but I am trying to make the best of it. Trust you all enjoy the picture of the kids. The tree is in front of our house and is absolutely beautiful this year. I think spring is becoming my favorite season.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kyle's Black Eye

Kyle was at baseball practice the other night and they were warming up with throwing the ball back and forth. When the coach's son was the one practicing with Kyle and asked him if he was ready. About that time the ball was flying towards Kyle's face and he was unable to duck out of the way. It hit him right in the face. The funny thing about it was Kyle kept playing and when he came in he told me he got hit and he wouldn't really let me see where he got hit because he kept his hand up over his face so I could just the side of his face was red but his hand was covering his eye. Well finally by the end of practice he let me see his face and by now he was already starting to get a black eye. After we got home he was getting ready for bed and kept looking in the mirror and saying that he didn't like it and didn't want to go to school with a black eye. When I went to tuck him in bed he brought me the prongs from his electrical meter and asked me if he stuck it in the goose egg would it pop? After much explaining to him that bruise aren't supposed to be popped he finally went to bed still complaining that he didn't want anyone to see his eye. He is still sore but doing much better. Only Kyle doesn't want to draw any attention to himself because if it would have been the other two they would have proudly sported the black eye.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tooth Fairy Visits Again

Jericka came home from school and said that her tooth had been bleeding at school and that she wanted Erick to pull it out when he got home. When I looked at the tooth it was barely hanging on but she insisted that she was going to wait till Daddy could do it. On the way back from baseball she started crying saying it was bleeding again. So when we got home she ran to the bathroom to see what was going on only to discover that her tooth was gone. Well by now I figured she must have swallowed it. She then started crying even harder because she just knew that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't leave her anything because she didn't have a tooth to put under her pillow. I was finally able to convince her that she could leave a note and that it would be OK. Later that evening when Erick went to pick Kyle up Jericka went with him and found her tooth laying on the seat where she had pulled it out and dropped it when she saw that it was bleeding. So she was all excited to go to bed that night and see if she would have a new treasure the next morning. The next day she came in waking me up and said that the Tooth Fairy forgot her and took her tooth and didn't leave anything. After going in and looking it was just under her pillow in the back and she didn't look very hard for it. So now we have two down and a lot more to go.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyle

Happy Birthday Kyle, I still can't believe that he is already 9. It seems as though the years have flown by. Kyle is the comedian of the family and also the one with the softest heart. Kyle you have blessed our family and I am so thankful that God gave you to us.
We were privileged to have John and Shelley here for the weekend to help us celebrate Kyle's birthday and also be here for Easter Sunday. It was great getting to spend time with friends. Kyle was thrilled that he got to have his best friend here for his birthday. Kyle and John Paul have been friends since they were practically babies and still are best friends. We Love You Kyle!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Three Quizzers

Well for the first time all three kids went to competition. Saturday was the first time for Kyle and Jericka to go to competition. They had been doing quizzing at church but had not attempted to compete. Since it was the last one and here in Louisville we let them go. Nathan ended up getting his first Gold All-star trophy and also the Bible Memory Medal for memorizing all of the extra memory verses. Kyle received a Gold Medal (which he was thrilled with because Nathan on his first competition only got a Bronze) Jericka ended up getting a Honorable Mention Certificate. (I believe that she zoned out for the final part of the quiz and lost interest. One of the team leaders even saw her singing a song. But over all we are very pleased with their accomplishments and are thrilled that they are learning God's Word and hiding it their heart. Congratulations, Nathan, Kyle and Jericka.
We are proud of you!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Foot of Fun

Well they have missed it so many times but guess what. This time we actually got a foot of snow all in a little over a 24 hour period. Of course the kids were thrilled that they could actually get to go out and play in the snow and BUILD A SNOWMAN! They couldn't wait. When they got up on Saturday morning and saw how much snow we had they would not stop until we got them ready and sent them out to play in the snow. They had a blast and Erick went out for a while with them. The bad thing is that our city people don't really know how to handle this much snow. Even though we could get out if we needed to most of the stores weren't open because they couldn't get people in to work. We laugh every time they call for snow here because the people here totally go crazy and you can't find bread or milk at any store. So this time was no different except that they got it right this time and we really ended up with a bunch of snow. Well today the snow is melting and now we are having flood warnings because there is no where for the snow to go. (GO FIGURE) At least the kids enjoyed it and also the big kid of the family had to go out and make sure the four wheel drive worked the way it was supposed to. I guess boys and there toys only get more expensive the older they get.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Prayer Request

I am asking for you all to pray for my mother. She was put in the hospital last night with what at first thought was just a bad virus but now we are not really sure. She is still having trouble with a fever and nausea. With her blood disorder and already having a very low immune system this makes her getting sick even that much more complicated.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Baseball Already?

Well here we go again. Both boys start baseball practice tomorrow. Jericka is very upset with me because she thinks that she also needs to play baseball. I (the mother) do not feel up to trying to manage three different schedules. They would all be on different leagues and that would mean running ragged. I think we will try to come up with something else for her to do. As for the boys they are excited and can't wait to get back in the swing of things.(no pun intended) We found out that Kyle gets the same coach that he had last year and so we won't have to worry about not knowing how they do things. Also his assistant this year was a professional baseball player that blew out his knee. Nathan on the other hand has a new coach. He is so excited to get started but the only problem is that his asthma has really been acting up and I am not for sure that he is going to be able to give it his best. I trust that he does alright and that he can play without having any difficulties breathing. So for now I am going to try to manage the two schedules on top of a busy schedule with school, homework, bible quizzing and ect. Oh by the way this picture is from last year.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Knocked Out Flood

Nathan had a science project that was due today. It had to be on something that could cause a natural disaster. He ended up choosing a flood. So last night we were trying to help him create a project that could hold water and still show how the area around it could be destroyed. By the time he went to bed we still were not finished with it and he was getting nervous about not taking it in on time. Well after using some spray paint I was able to get the rest of it ready for him to put the finishing touches on it. I think that they need to rename the projects from school as "Parents Project" because by the time he left for school this morning I felt like it was as much my project as it was his. I just wish that I had a more creative side to me but then again this is a 10 year olds idea of what all needed to happen. Nathan even wanted to use play dough but there was no way that it would stick to the box. Nathan we are proud of you for your hard work. Oh by the way his title for the flood was "Knocked Out Flood."

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crazy Life

Let's Eat!
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Well this week has been crazy. On Sunday I fell down some steps and sprained my ankle. Then on Sunday night Nathan started complaining of not feeling well. We got up Monday morning and went to all three of the kids parent-teacher conferences and we I got back home realized that Nathan was now running a fever. So by the time Tuesday got here my ankle is doing better and I ended up having to take Nathan to the Dr. His asthma is now flared up and they ended up giving him a breathing treatment at the office which was evidently a strong dose of med. When the Dr. came back to check on him all Nathan could do was smile from ear to ear. By the time I we headed home Nathan was being a comedian and then informed me that he ought to start his own show because he could make people laugh. He also stated that he thought the the Dr. was great and he wanted to go back and see him again real soon. (WOW) Talk about a medicine reaction. By that night Nathan was still running around 100mph and had a hard time going to sleep. So now we are finally to Wednesday and Nathan is still sick and then I find out that I am finally going to get a piece of furniture for my bedroom so I needed to get stuff rearranged for it to fit. When Erick came home with it we discovered that it would not turn the corner to fit into our bedroom. So with much disappointment it wouldn't work. Then I decided that since it was already getting late we would just go out and grab a bite to eat. We went to a respectable restaurant and I decided to get the Oven Roasted Chicken. We finally got our food and I noticed that the chicken was very dry and started eating my other food then decided to try another bite of chicken that is when I barely got it in my mouth and had to spit it immediately back out. It was horrible! By this time you could even smell that it was bad. So we told our waiter and he got the manager. They did take it off of our bill but not without making us feel like we were just trying to get out of paying. Talk about bad customer service. So now it is Thursday and I was scouring around trying to get the kids off to school and went around the corner and my toe stayed with the wood work and I broke my toe.(OUCH) Then to top it all off. The kids bus never showed up so I had to take Kyle and Jericka to school. While I was pulling out of the school there bus was just pulling in. So it was running 20 minutes late. So know I trust that the rest of the week finally gets back to a normal mode and that Nathan can go to school tomorrow and that I won't get hurt anymore. Sorry if I bored you but I knew that some of you would get a kick out of hearing about my Crazy Life. And I just now got a phone call that Kyle and Jericka are getting out of school at 11:20 because of a ice storm that is supposed to be coming through starting at 1:00. So here goes the crazy lady for the rest of the week.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Well Nathan has had a great outcome for Bible Quizzing with the Church Quiz Team. He went to competition on Saturday and not only was it hard enough with all of the questions that you learn but this time because of circumstances it was a double load. They had all studied hard and knew that this time would be more difficult with having double amount of questions. When they got back home we were thrilled to learn that they all had a wonderful turn out and placed higher than they had ever placed before. Nathan only ended up missing one question out of 60 and came home with a gold medal. Congratulations Nathan we are so proud of you and the Quiz Team.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Candy For One

I thought I would share a little of my life with Kyle. He never ceases to amaze me. The other day I was putting laundry up in the boys room and noticed that I couldn't get all of Kyle's clothes in his middle drawer. So I decided to go ahead and take everything out and see what was keeping the clothes from fitting. Much to my surprise there was a layer of candy that he has stashed and will not let anyone else have a piece unless it is his idea. He loves to hide things and keep the others begging for things so he can use it to try and bribe them. When I asked him what was going on he yelled in at Nathan and told him "Don't eat my candy!" At least I know that he is not eating every piece of candy that he receives he just hides it and then uses it to his advantage.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Last night as we were finishing supper, I suggested that Nathan go get his homework and ask Erick about the questions he had pertaining to his math. Well as we were sitting there and Nathan was showing Erick what he was having to do. I am beginning to feel my age because I don't remember doing Trapezoids and Pentagons and so on. Nathan said that he thought he had all of it right but was wanting to make sure. Kyle piped up and started explaining what Nathan was doing. Now how in the world does my 8 year old know what my 10 year old is doing in math? After Kyle explains how many points the different math figures have Nathan looked at him and said so are you ready to "Kick it up another notch". I guess they have not only seen one to many cooking shows they also are going to be very competitive esp. when it comes to math and something Kyle gets more than Nathan. Oh yeah, Nathan also had a chart with all of the math definitions on it and Kyle was telling us without anything in front of him. So as I say Math?????? I guess I will now have to learn more math. Anyone out there with a suggestion for me?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Jericka's First Lost Tooth

Well it finally happened. Jericka had noticed a few weeks ago that she was finally getting a lose tooth. She started asking if she could have apples so her tooth would come out while bitting down on an apple. Well to no success as of Saturday morning she could push her tooth forward with her tongue but would not allow us to help her pull it out. Finally on Sat. night she came and asked Erick to pull it out for her. One, two, three tries and there it came. She was thrilled! So she put her tooth in a bag and placed it under her pillow and wished herself to go to sleep. She woke up on Sunday morning before the rest of us and looked under her pillow to see if there was anything thing left in place of her tooth. Needless to say that she was thrilled and came and woke me up to tell me that she is now rich. Now she is asking when she will lose another tooth anytime soon. I guess that the tooth fairy will be broke.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy BIrthday To My Wonderful Husband

I thought I would share this special day will all of you. When I first met Erick he was only 17 and a senior in high school. Little did I know that two years later we would get married and start our life together. Now almost thirteen years later we are getting older and the kids ask is 32 old? I can truly say no it isn't old, it is just the middle of the road. It seems like only yesterday that he was a teenager trying to get me to laugh and now that he is older he still makes me laugh. So Erick, thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father to our children. I really love and appreciate you and thank God that He brought you into my life. I trust that your day is filled with love and wonderful memories to last you for a lifetime. Happy Birthday Erick.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dramatic King

Well the other day Nathan was complaining of having a headache. To us it is nothing new since that is one of the side effects of his asthma medicine. But on Sunday night he went to bed with a headache so I did give him some Tylenol to help. On Monday morning before school he was still complaining that he head was killing him. He the proceeded to tell me that it felt like he had a hundred little men running around in his head and he just couldn't make it any more. So more Tylenol was given and I sent him to school seeing as how he didn't have a fever. When he got home that night I asked him how his headache was and amazingly it was gone. It is so amazing how when he is busy doing something that he enjoys he never complains but that morning when he had to go to school and take a big test all of a sudden he had a splitting headache. Life with Nathan never ceases to amaze me because everything to him is very dramatic. So we have now named him our Dramatic King.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well today comes with a sigh of relief but also one of sorrow. The time has come that the kids finally went back to school. As happy as I am for the much needed break it also came with sadness realizing that the school year is half over and our Christmas break went way too fast. I love having the kids home and getting to be with them all the while ready to go back to routine. The kids were happy about getting to go back to school with the exception of Kyle not really enjoying school he would rather stay home and work with his electric set or see what he can create (explosions). So now that school is back in full swing I have many things I want to get done and knowing that some of them will take time. I will continue pursuing my journey of being a wife and mother and try to get done all that I can while the kids are at school.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jericka's Solution

The other day Jericka was having problems getting along with her brothers. Of course, I wouldn't know why they ever created the saying of sibling rivalry but this day there was plenty of it. She was having a horrible day and let the boys both know that they were getting on her nerves. (like she really know what that means) Anyway, she piped off and said that she wanted to move in with the Balty's because her and Samuel didn't fight. I tried to tell her that they have three boys but that didn't make a difference because the only one she thought about was Samuel and there was no way that they would have any problems. So Amy you may end up having company if Jericka gets her wish.....LOL !!!!