Monday, January 28, 2008

Jericka's First Lost Tooth

Well it finally happened. Jericka had noticed a few weeks ago that she was finally getting a lose tooth. She started asking if she could have apples so her tooth would come out while bitting down on an apple. Well to no success as of Saturday morning she could push her tooth forward with her tongue but would not allow us to help her pull it out. Finally on Sat. night she came and asked Erick to pull it out for her. One, two, three tries and there it came. She was thrilled! So she put her tooth in a bag and placed it under her pillow and wished herself to go to sleep. She woke up on Sunday morning before the rest of us and looked under her pillow to see if there was anything thing left in place of her tooth. Needless to say that she was thrilled and came and woke me up to tell me that she is now rich. Now she is asking when she will lose another tooth anytime soon. I guess that the tooth fairy will be broke.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy BIrthday To My Wonderful Husband

I thought I would share this special day will all of you. When I first met Erick he was only 17 and a senior in high school. Little did I know that two years later we would get married and start our life together. Now almost thirteen years later we are getting older and the kids ask is 32 old? I can truly say no it isn't old, it is just the middle of the road. It seems like only yesterday that he was a teenager trying to get me to laugh and now that he is older he still makes me laugh. So Erick, thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father to our children. I really love and appreciate you and thank God that He brought you into my life. I trust that your day is filled with love and wonderful memories to last you for a lifetime. Happy Birthday Erick.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dramatic King

Well the other day Nathan was complaining of having a headache. To us it is nothing new since that is one of the side effects of his asthma medicine. But on Sunday night he went to bed with a headache so I did give him some Tylenol to help. On Monday morning before school he was still complaining that he head was killing him. He the proceeded to tell me that it felt like he had a hundred little men running around in his head and he just couldn't make it any more. So more Tylenol was given and I sent him to school seeing as how he didn't have a fever. When he got home that night I asked him how his headache was and amazingly it was gone. It is so amazing how when he is busy doing something that he enjoys he never complains but that morning when he had to go to school and take a big test all of a sudden he had a splitting headache. Life with Nathan never ceases to amaze me because everything to him is very dramatic. So we have now named him our Dramatic King.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well today comes with a sigh of relief but also one of sorrow. The time has come that the kids finally went back to school. As happy as I am for the much needed break it also came with sadness realizing that the school year is half over and our Christmas break went way too fast. I love having the kids home and getting to be with them all the while ready to go back to routine. The kids were happy about getting to go back to school with the exception of Kyle not really enjoying school he would rather stay home and work with his electric set or see what he can create (explosions). So now that school is back in full swing I have many things I want to get done and knowing that some of them will take time. I will continue pursuing my journey of being a wife and mother and try to get done all that I can while the kids are at school.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jericka's Solution

The other day Jericka was having problems getting along with her brothers. Of course, I wouldn't know why they ever created the saying of sibling rivalry but this day there was plenty of it. She was having a horrible day and let the boys both know that they were getting on her nerves. (like she really know what that means) Anyway, she piped off and said that she wanted to move in with the Balty's because her and Samuel didn't fight. I tried to tell her that they have three boys but that didn't make a difference because the only one she thought about was Samuel and there was no way that they would have any problems. So Amy you may end up having company if Jericka gets her wish.....LOL !!!!