Friday, February 29, 2008

Baseball Already?

Well here we go again. Both boys start baseball practice tomorrow. Jericka is very upset with me because she thinks that she also needs to play baseball. I (the mother) do not feel up to trying to manage three different schedules. They would all be on different leagues and that would mean running ragged. I think we will try to come up with something else for her to do. As for the boys they are excited and can't wait to get back in the swing of things.(no pun intended) We found out that Kyle gets the same coach that he had last year and so we won't have to worry about not knowing how they do things. Also his assistant this year was a professional baseball player that blew out his knee. Nathan on the other hand has a new coach. He is so excited to get started but the only problem is that his asthma has really been acting up and I am not for sure that he is going to be able to give it his best. I trust that he does alright and that he can play without having any difficulties breathing. So for now I am going to try to manage the two schedules on top of a busy schedule with school, homework, bible quizzing and ect. Oh by the way this picture is from last year.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Knocked Out Flood

Nathan had a science project that was due today. It had to be on something that could cause a natural disaster. He ended up choosing a flood. So last night we were trying to help him create a project that could hold water and still show how the area around it could be destroyed. By the time he went to bed we still were not finished with it and he was getting nervous about not taking it in on time. Well after using some spray paint I was able to get the rest of it ready for him to put the finishing touches on it. I think that they need to rename the projects from school as "Parents Project" because by the time he left for school this morning I felt like it was as much my project as it was his. I just wish that I had a more creative side to me but then again this is a 10 year olds idea of what all needed to happen. Nathan even wanted to use play dough but there was no way that it would stick to the box. Nathan we are proud of you for your hard work. Oh by the way his title for the flood was "Knocked Out Flood."

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crazy Life

Let's Eat!
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Well this week has been crazy. On Sunday I fell down some steps and sprained my ankle. Then on Sunday night Nathan started complaining of not feeling well. We got up Monday morning and went to all three of the kids parent-teacher conferences and we I got back home realized that Nathan was now running a fever. So by the time Tuesday got here my ankle is doing better and I ended up having to take Nathan to the Dr. His asthma is now flared up and they ended up giving him a breathing treatment at the office which was evidently a strong dose of med. When the Dr. came back to check on him all Nathan could do was smile from ear to ear. By the time I we headed home Nathan was being a comedian and then informed me that he ought to start his own show because he could make people laugh. He also stated that he thought the the Dr. was great and he wanted to go back and see him again real soon. (WOW) Talk about a medicine reaction. By that night Nathan was still running around 100mph and had a hard time going to sleep. So now we are finally to Wednesday and Nathan is still sick and then I find out that I am finally going to get a piece of furniture for my bedroom so I needed to get stuff rearranged for it to fit. When Erick came home with it we discovered that it would not turn the corner to fit into our bedroom. So with much disappointment it wouldn't work. Then I decided that since it was already getting late we would just go out and grab a bite to eat. We went to a respectable restaurant and I decided to get the Oven Roasted Chicken. We finally got our food and I noticed that the chicken was very dry and started eating my other food then decided to try another bite of chicken that is when I barely got it in my mouth and had to spit it immediately back out. It was horrible! By this time you could even smell that it was bad. So we told our waiter and he got the manager. They did take it off of our bill but not without making us feel like we were just trying to get out of paying. Talk about bad customer service. So now it is Thursday and I was scouring around trying to get the kids off to school and went around the corner and my toe stayed with the wood work and I broke my toe.(OUCH) Then to top it all off. The kids bus never showed up so I had to take Kyle and Jericka to school. While I was pulling out of the school there bus was just pulling in. So it was running 20 minutes late. So know I trust that the rest of the week finally gets back to a normal mode and that Nathan can go to school tomorrow and that I won't get hurt anymore. Sorry if I bored you but I knew that some of you would get a kick out of hearing about my Crazy Life. And I just now got a phone call that Kyle and Jericka are getting out of school at 11:20 because of a ice storm that is supposed to be coming through starting at 1:00. So here goes the crazy lady for the rest of the week.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Well Nathan has had a great outcome for Bible Quizzing with the Church Quiz Team. He went to competition on Saturday and not only was it hard enough with all of the questions that you learn but this time because of circumstances it was a double load. They had all studied hard and knew that this time would be more difficult with having double amount of questions. When they got back home we were thrilled to learn that they all had a wonderful turn out and placed higher than they had ever placed before. Nathan only ended up missing one question out of 60 and came home with a gold medal. Congratulations Nathan we are so proud of you and the Quiz Team.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Candy For One

I thought I would share a little of my life with Kyle. He never ceases to amaze me. The other day I was putting laundry up in the boys room and noticed that I couldn't get all of Kyle's clothes in his middle drawer. So I decided to go ahead and take everything out and see what was keeping the clothes from fitting. Much to my surprise there was a layer of candy that he has stashed and will not let anyone else have a piece unless it is his idea. He loves to hide things and keep the others begging for things so he can use it to try and bribe them. When I asked him what was going on he yelled in at Nathan and told him "Don't eat my candy!" At least I know that he is not eating every piece of candy that he receives he just hides it and then uses it to his advantage.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Last night as we were finishing supper, I suggested that Nathan go get his homework and ask Erick about the questions he had pertaining to his math. Well as we were sitting there and Nathan was showing Erick what he was having to do. I am beginning to feel my age because I don't remember doing Trapezoids and Pentagons and so on. Nathan said that he thought he had all of it right but was wanting to make sure. Kyle piped up and started explaining what Nathan was doing. Now how in the world does my 8 year old know what my 10 year old is doing in math? After Kyle explains how many points the different math figures have Nathan looked at him and said so are you ready to "Kick it up another notch". I guess they have not only seen one to many cooking shows they also are going to be very competitive esp. when it comes to math and something Kyle gets more than Nathan. Oh yeah, Nathan also had a chart with all of the math definitions on it and Kyle was telling us without anything in front of him. So as I say Math?????? I guess I will now have to learn more math. Anyone out there with a suggestion for me?