Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyle

Happy Birthday Kyle, I still can't believe that he is already 9. It seems as though the years have flown by. Kyle is the comedian of the family and also the one with the softest heart. Kyle you have blessed our family and I am so thankful that God gave you to us.
We were privileged to have John and Shelley here for the weekend to help us celebrate Kyle's birthday and also be here for Easter Sunday. It was great getting to spend time with friends. Kyle was thrilled that he got to have his best friend here for his birthday. Kyle and John Paul have been friends since they were practically babies and still are best friends. We Love You Kyle!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Three Quizzers

Well for the first time all three kids went to competition. Saturday was the first time for Kyle and Jericka to go to competition. They had been doing quizzing at church but had not attempted to compete. Since it was the last one and here in Louisville we let them go. Nathan ended up getting his first Gold All-star trophy and also the Bible Memory Medal for memorizing all of the extra memory verses. Kyle received a Gold Medal (which he was thrilled with because Nathan on his first competition only got a Bronze) Jericka ended up getting a Honorable Mention Certificate. (I believe that she zoned out for the final part of the quiz and lost interest. One of the team leaders even saw her singing a song. But over all we are very pleased with their accomplishments and are thrilled that they are learning God's Word and hiding it their heart. Congratulations, Nathan, Kyle and Jericka.
We are proud of you!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Foot of Fun

Well they have missed it so many times but guess what. This time we actually got a foot of snow all in a little over a 24 hour period. Of course the kids were thrilled that they could actually get to go out and play in the snow and BUILD A SNOWMAN! They couldn't wait. When they got up on Saturday morning and saw how much snow we had they would not stop until we got them ready and sent them out to play in the snow. They had a blast and Erick went out for a while with them. The bad thing is that our city people don't really know how to handle this much snow. Even though we could get out if we needed to most of the stores weren't open because they couldn't get people in to work. We laugh every time they call for snow here because the people here totally go crazy and you can't find bread or milk at any store. So this time was no different except that they got it right this time and we really ended up with a bunch of snow. Well today the snow is melting and now we are having flood warnings because there is no where for the snow to go. (GO FIGURE) At least the kids enjoyed it and also the big kid of the family had to go out and make sure the four wheel drive worked the way it was supposed to. I guess boys and there toys only get more expensive the older they get.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Prayer Request

I am asking for you all to pray for my mother. She was put in the hospital last night with what at first thought was just a bad virus but now we are not really sure. She is still having trouble with a fever and nausea. With her blood disorder and already having a very low immune system this makes her getting sick even that much more complicated.