Thursday, August 14, 2008

And They 're OFF!!!

Well it is finally here....the kids have started back to school this week. I can't believe that Nathan is in the fifth grade, Kyle is in fourth and Jericka is now a second grader. I trust that we will have a great year and make a lot of memories. They have all enjoyed getting to know their teachers. I am absolutely loving having a routine again and I am truly enjoying the peace and quiet!!!! (LOL) I know that we will start making up for all of this when the homework starts pouring in.


Pam A said...

Well, look who I found! Nice to see you out here. Your kids are adorable! :)

Pam Asbury

Becky said...

Hey,Junia, How long are these kids and your life going to go on before you publish more..... I know these are kids of Erick and yourself so I know there has to be plenty going on... we want to hear more.