Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fast Lane

Well this is for all of you that think I have forgotten all about blogging. I really haven't but there has been a lot happening here in our neck of the woods. First of all, Jericka is now a big 7 year old and thinks she is going on 17. Nathan has been selected for Safety Patrol. Talk about sweet talking the person in charge. He had to write a letter stating why he should be chosen. I guess it worked because the very next day he was accepted and started working and helping with the car pool line. Kyle on the other hand is starting to enjoy school this year. He is always amazing me on the things that he likes to do. His love for science is paying off because this year he has been added project manager for the science projects at school for his class.


Surfer said...

Did you make the cake. If so you did a good job on it.And I like your pix on to well bye 4 noe Surfer

Becky said...

Hey girl, glad to hear and read that you haven't forgotten us all out here in bloggersville. Keep up the good work..It's the only way will know a little of what's happening in your all's life.

Heather said...

Well Well I guess you have quite the bunch!!! How have you been!!! Hope to see you real soon! Love ya