Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Back to Normal

Well a week ago on Sunday as we were walking out of church the wind was blowing strongly and we really didn't think to much about it but the weather had said that we were under a high wind advisory and really how bad could that be......WELL, it ended up that majority of the area lost power, luckily we only lost power for about five minutes and the kids ended up not having school all week.Talk about interesting trying to find groceries! During the week Nathan had a history project due for when he went back to school. And as it goes we had the material and just kept putting it off but we were finally able to help him get it done. He had to have a project of something from the region that he was given and so he decided to build a Hogan. Talk about interesting on how to build one and keep the mud from falling off of the wood. After much work we were able to get it completed. It was very interesting to learn how others used to live. So I was thrilled with the project and that they were finally able to go back to school and life could get back to hopefully a normal routine.


Becky said...

Don't think playing with mud and all that sounds interesting at all but maybe for Nathan. I use to hate helping my dad in the garden cause I couldn't stand dirt and mud on my hands and nails.

Heather said...

wow sounds like it was a fun week for you last week!!! Glad your the mom...LOL