Monday, October 27, 2008

My Amazing Husband

I am writing this blog as a small thank you to my wonderful husband for all he has done over the past three weeks. Although, I am sure to him it feels like a lifetime and the next three will take forever. He has had to pick up where I can't and do the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. And make sure that the kids don't need anything that requires any type of physical labor. The other night he was doing laundry and I had sorted the clothes for him and noticed a grass stain on Nathan's school pants so I told Erick to spray some shout on it and scrub it before putting it in the washer. Later when I asked if the spot came out he said I guess I sprayed the whole pair of pants with if you aren't for sure about it just shout everything!!!! Needless to say we had a good laugh over it. But most of all Erick has not once complained or said that he was tired of doing all of the extra work while I am down. I really appreciate everything he has done for me and the kids even though I know that he is exhausted when he gets home from work. Sat. night as he was climbing into bed he made the comment that he now realizes that a moms job is never done. Thanks Erick for all you have done and are doing to make me comfortable and lighten the load. You are an absolutely Amazing Husband and I truly love you beyond words.


Becky said...

You made me cry!!! That's so special of him. There is a few Good Men left in the old U. S.

Pooky's Page said...

Wow Honey I never knew all that was in there!!! LOL Just Kidding! Thanks for all the compliments, but to tell you the truth if it wasn't for God giving me strength I couldn't do it. I realized the first week that I had more energy than normal, some would say circumstance knowing you had too, I immediately realized that it was God's strength pouring through this vessel of broken clay.
So Thanks Junia, but most importantly Thank You God

Mom Hall said...

Junia, that was so sweet of you saying all them nice things about your MAN! Love you all, Mom Hall

Amy Shearer said...

Junia, I hadn't checked your blog in a while and just read about your surgery. I am so sorry to hear about it!! If I were there, I'd help you - but it sounds like Erick is certainly taking good care of you!! But if you do need anything (or if you get bored or lonely during the day), please call me!!