Saturday, October 11, 2008

Taking a Back Seat

Isn't is interesting how you never realize how much you take every day chores and pleasures and just part of life until you can't get up and do them. On October 1st. I went in for a simple knee surgery for them to repair a torn meniscus and upon arrival thought that I would be down for a week and then able to build up from there. Going into surgery I was oblivious to anything going on around me, when I came out Erick told me that I was down for SIX WEEKS!!!! Needless to say I thought he was joking and just laughed and said OK. One big problem it was really true. When the Dr. went to repair my knee he discovered that I had pot holes with arthritis because of the damage done from my accidents. So he scraped around and made it bleed to form scabs and then scar tissue will form to try and get me five more years on this knee. I was then informed that it was bone against bone and I would not be allowed to put any weight on my leg for the next six weeks or it would undo what the Dr. had done. So I am now learning to take a back seat and allow my wonderful husband to do the things that I normally do without thinking anything about it. As a mother it is very hard for me not to be able and tuck my children in bed and jump and run when they need me. I am trying to remain positive but I am not one that likes to just lay here and let everyone cater to me. I guess God is allowing me to learn a valuable lesson for me not to be so self sufficient and learn to know that it is OK to ask for help. Thank you Erick for being such a great husband and wonderful father to the kids. I couldn't get through this without you. You are awesome!!!!!


Becky said...

Wow! I wish we lived closer and maybe I cold help a little or we could be crippled together. I have good days and bad days and then really bad days. So I know when you can't do what you want to do what it's like.

Margaret G said...

nice to hear you went through surgery nicely. I cannot imagine having to rely on others like that and understand how hard it would be. It is awesome and hard at the same time when God teaches us things.:)