Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life needs to slow down so I can catch back up!!!!

Well I realize that it has been way tooooooo long since I last blogged. So I am not even going to try and tell everything that has been happening since then but I will at least catch you up to date of what is going on now.
Well lets see here. The boys are signed up for baseball and have already started practicing and so my life now just got a whole lot busier. They both seem to really like their coaches and seem to be learning more about the game. (Always a plus)
The last two weeks were very difficult though because Kyle came down with a sore throat on a Thursday night, by Fri. morning he was running fever. On Sunday night Jericka started saying she didn't feel good by the time they went to bed Nathan also wasn't feeling to hot. On Monday, I ended up taking Kyle to the Doc to have them check for strep throat but it ended up that it was the Type A flu. By that Friday, I started feeling nasty and ended up sleeping the whole weekend. I went to the Dr. on Monday and found out that I too had the same flu with a sinus infection on top of it. By that night Erick wasn't feeling to great and we both ended up being sick the whole week. Talk about not a good thing around here with mom and dad sick and the kids all feeling better it made for quite the interesting time.
Luckily we are all back to normal life and the kids are all doing good in school. We got report cards today and both boys made the A-B Honor Roll. Jericka is also doing well, but tends to love the social life. So there you have it I am ready for life to slow down and let me catch back up!!!!!